Sunday, November 30, 2014

[The Weekend Haul] : Everyone loves shopping over the weekend

Hi there!

I trust you all had a great week and have been unwinding. I can't believe the weekend is almost over again. Sigh! I just did another load of washing ( I know, washing on Sunday should be illegal right?) Anyway, back to the post... I did some shopping over the weekend at Eikestad and Sometset Mall and wanted to show you guys what I found. 
I saw the cuttest glitter polish at Game. The queues where just so damn long, so I promised myself I would go back today to buy it. I didn't. Maybe next weekend, hopefully it's not all sold out yet. 

I bought this cute pj set from Pick n Pay Clothing for R99.99 My favourite colour is pink, so I don't need to say anything more. There are also sets in pastel colour with different designs.

My new iPhone cover I bought at a place called Gadget Time for R169.95. The cover has a metal like finish, which I hope will make it last, cause I've been going through covers like crazy.

I love how the cover looks like it's crystal encrusted, but up close you can see it's just a lot if tiny holes.

My old pumps were a bit beaten up, so I got these at Edgars for R99.99. They're from the Kelso range.

My boyfriend and I also made a pitstop at Food Lover's Market. It started up all innocent, but we ended up walking away with over 1kg's worth of treats. I'm too scared to face the scale tonight (or the next week).

Lastly my boyfriend bought me this Sway  Mp3 Player from Clicks for R269.99 as a early Christmas present. I saw this in their Christmas Gift Guide and have been nagging him ever since to buy me one.

I love how you can wear it as a watch, which makes it prefect for jogging. It's available in blue or black, but I would have chosen pink if there was such an option. 

It can hold 4GB of music/photos and is USB-rechargable, so I'll just plug it into my iPhone charger and I'll be good to go!

Have a lovely week everyone

Kisses, L

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